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  Good Sense it is to cover your
drains with Bulldog Drain Mate





Your drains ought to be covered for a variety of reasons... for safety and convenience or just for style. It is sheer good sense to do so.


The Bulldog drain-mate is just the product to do job. Made of steel, it is extra-ordinarily strong and engineered for heavy duty. But it is light... light enough for a child to lift easily. Coated with epoxy powder paint, it is stylish and will help to beautify your compound.


Drain-mate is strong, durable and yet light. To clean the usually unapproachable part of the drain, simply lift the light-weight drain-mate. A vast improvement over cement covers. No more sweat. No more moss. No more tears.

  • A good resting place for one too many pots.

  • Drain-mate is unique and stylish.

  • Drain-mate helps to prevent accidents caused by uncovered drains or cement drain covers themselves covered with slippery moss and lichens.

  • Enlarges your driveway to make parking easier.

  • Extends your home's mini "playground" and your children will love it.


  Drain-Mate is the latest product from the BULLDOG range - a name long trusted for quality and reliability.
  Size : 18" x 12" Size : 24" x 12"  
  Size : 30" x 12"    
  Cross Section    
  • Accommodate various sizes of drain ranging from 216mm to 254mm (8" to 10").
  • Coated with polyester epoxy powder paint for outdoor use.
  • Made of cold rolled mild steel plate.
  • Extra heavy duty type is available upon request.

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