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Patented in 1962, the BULLDOG OWG - Square Galvanised Steel Wire Grille, still stands unbeatable in it's Quality and Exclusivity.  No matter how you look at it, it's intrinsic and beautiful designs surpassed and unmatched by any other similar product.


Beautify your home, office, factory and any compound with the BULLDOG OWG, you are automatically assured of its practically and protection.


Manufactured from high Quality square galvanised steel wire, it is available in 4 distinctive designs.


Choose from any of the 4 beautiful and elegant designs, you'll enjoy the privacy and protection that you desire.


Quality & Durability: It is made of high quality square galvanised steel wire and has undergone modern manufacturing process and stringent test.


Beauty & Exclusivity:  It's floral design stands out distinctly and elegantly and yet different from any other similar product available in the market.


Protection & Security:  Each piece of wire is interwoven in cross-sections and spotwelded at strategic points, to ensure maximum reinforcement and security.


Insist on BULLDOG OWG - Square Galvanised Steel Wire Grille.  The Hallmark for Quality, Beauty & Protection.

   *   All designs are available only from our authorised dealers.



Specification Pitch Wire Size
A 82mm (3 ") 4.0mm
B 52mm (2") 4.0mm / 3.1mm
44mm (1")
4.0mm / 3.1mm
44mm (1")

 Standard Size:  610 x 2438mm / 762 x 2438mm / 914 x 2438mm / 1219 x 2438mm

                        (2' x 8')             (2' x 8')            (3' x 8')               (4' x 8')

Other sizes also available upon request


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