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  - Electric Instant Water Heater


A Technologically Advanced And Reliable Name in Electric Water Heating ...


  Slim version    



SS 808 (Beige)

(No Pump)

SS 808 (Greyish Blue)

(No Pump)



Technical Specifications :

Electrical Loading


3.6kW 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Min. Operating Water Flow


2 Litre/min

Max. Operating Water Flow


6 Litre/min

Max. Water Pressure


6 Bar

Water Connection


15mm dia. (1/2" BSP) Single Point System



(360 x 240 x 76)mm




Shower Head


Stylish 5 Spray Patterns Handshower Set


    5 Spray Patterns :


  Features :


Built-in Electronic ELCB with surge protector

Safety thermal


Splashproof casing construction

Operates under low and normal water pressures

5 years warranty

on heating element


after-sales service



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